Annesofie Sandal (b.1977, Seoul, South Korea) holds a MFA from The Royal Danish Academy of Visual Arts in Copenhagen, from where she graduated in 2005. In 2007 she founded the exhibition group Island Life together with Charlotte B. Johansen, Christina Hamre and Nanna Starck with whom she still collaborates.
Inbetween solo projects she organizes group shows with a roster of international artists. More info can be found on


For the past 11 years my main work material has been cardboard. I like that the material in itself reflects my own impermanence and inner conflicts with cultural production. Lately a wider range of waste materials has become part of my work. The modification of used, inexpensive and discarded materials allow me to twist the aesthetics of status and value and indirectly talk about social class and hyper consumerism.

I am interested in how cultural structures are being exposed through the handling of waste in a given society. Social stigma has always followed trash. Historically dirt has been associated with being poor, being of color, being anti feminine and being of low value. In my work I distort the notions of high/low, clean/dirty,disposable/collectible to display the uselessness of a discourse of us/them politics. We all partake in the consumer party across borders, but push the stigma around to the other, the foreign, the dirtier and less fortunate.

My personal narratives centered on my transnational identity translates into the work on various levels. Being in limbo between homes demands navigating a variety of social, cultural and political systems. This has caused the a great change in my work over the course of the last couple of years.

With my art practice I advocate for diversity, equality and social responsibility.